Build on your foundational Display & Video 360 knowledge by digging deeper into Programmatic Guaranteed deals, Creatives, Optimization with Automated Bidding, Attribution models and mApp.

After completing this intermediate learning path, you'll be able to:

1) Determine the appropriate deal strategy for a programmatic deal buys and implement using the Programmatic Guaranteed deal workflow.

2) Create and report on immersive and engaging ads that are responsive and personalized.

3) Scale the use of your creatives through using drafts, applying bulk functions, and enabling optimizations of multiple creatives to better fill impressions.

4) Determine appropriate bid strategies and implement automated bidding for your campaigns.

5) Choose or create appropriate attribution models that best reflect how your digital advertising impacts business outcomes using the attribution model creation workflow.

6) Recognize the product features in Display & Video 360 in the mobile app space and understand how to implement the mobile app choices within existing workflows.

7) Create, measure, and optimize your audio ad campaigns in Display & Video 360.