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We are excited to bring you Google Academy on Air, so you can join us remotely for exclusive training from Google product experts. These sessions will help you take your skills to the next level, as well as provide helpful strategies to ensure your Google Ads accounts are positioned for success. Tune in to learn how to reach your marketing objectives, and hear about the latest Google Ads products to help you stay ahead of the curve.

In this session, we will address how to more efficiently identify key opportunities for Search campaigns, including how to use optimization score in day to day account management, how to best use automation and measure the right actions as business goals evolve.

Please note: This Google Academy on Air session does not cover SA360 or other 3P bidding tools.

- Introduction
- Why Search Now?
- Introducing Search Excellence
- Search Excellence Deep- Dive
- Closing the Day

Speakers: Sergio Calix (Google Automation Product Lead) and Jeff Kirschenmann (Google Academy Facilitator)

Use this workbook to follow along during the Google Academy on Air: Search Excellence.

Have questions? Be sure to submit your questions during the event. There will be a team of product specialists who are ready to answer them! We will get to your questions as quickly as possible.

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