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AI-Powered Ads

Google Ads

Learn the fundamentals of AI-Powered Ads.

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  • Foundations of AI-Powered Performance Ads

    Understand the value of Google’s AI solutions and build confidence in implementing and optimizing them within a marketing strategy.

    • Path
    • Duration 2.7h
    • Rating 4.8
    • Beginner
  • Achieve Your Goals with Performance Max

    Keep your marketing objectives at the center of Google Ads campaigns with Performance Max. Use this fully automated campaign type to simply optimize performance and how to reach potential customers across Google properties.

    • Path
    • Duration 41m
    • Rating 4.7
    • Beginner
  • AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification

    Earn a Google Ads AI-Powered Performance Ads Certification by demonstrating your mastery of Google’s cross-channel AI solutions and learn how to create and optimize these campaigns to achieve business goals. Prepare for the certification by completing the diagnostic assessment, or...

    • Path
    • Duration 4.0h
    • Rating 4.9
    • Beginner
    • Award