Learn how to set up the essential elements of a campaign and get started with Search Ads 360. Understand how to implement tags to measure your KPIs and optimize your performance across channels. 

After completing this foundational Search Ads 360 learning path, you’ll learn how to:

1) Set up the essential elements of a search campaign and allow for team collaboration with Search Ads 360.

2) Implement Floodlight tags to measure conversions, gather insights, and optimize your campaign across channels.

3) Use search budget tools to consider the impact of allocations and organize campaigns for optimal pacing and measurement.

4) Select and optimize your attribution model to get the insights you need for campaign goals.

5) Measure campaign performance and get custom reporting for many aspects of your campaign using Search Ads 360.

6) Enable the power of bid strategies to automate bids and improve campaign performance at scale.

Note: Some courses contain links to sites that may not be available in your preferred language or that require you to select your language.