Discover the essentials of planning, executing, and measuring your media plans in Display & Video 360. Explore how to design, produce, and manage high impact ads, and learn how to get your ad in front of the consumers you want to reach the most.

After completing this foundational Display & Video 360 learning path, you'll be able to:

  • Discover reservation and programmatic inventory, finalize media plans, and execute campaigns across deals using Marketplace in Display & Video 360.
  • Collaborate with brand, media, and creative teams using the Creative workspace in Display & Video 360 to design, produce, and manage high-impact ad formats at scale.
  • Create, combine, and implement audience lists in Display & Video 360 to meet your audience-related goals.
  • Access and build campaign performance reports to get data-driven insights.
  • Implement Floodlight tracking to track conversions and see whether your advertising campaign led to valuable customer action.
  • Audit, configure, and manage your verification and brand suitability settings to control where your ads are being served.

Note: Some courses contain links to sites that may not be available in your preferred language or that require you to select your language.