Google Marketing Platform product certifications identify qualified users who demonstrate the ability to perform critical tasks and workflows with Platform products. The certification exams are designed for users with real-world, hands-on experience using Google Marketing Platform products and test specific predetermined criteria aligned with critical job tasks. The certification exams are not recommended for users who don't have direct product experience.

About this exam

The Campaign Manager certification exam covers planning, implementing, reporting and troubleshooting reservation buys, while working across partners. It also assesses ad tag delivery, measurement and troubleshooting methods used to optimise performance.

Users completing this exam should be experienced users of Campaign Manager. This exam covers broad product use from trafficking to reporting. Specialised roles (such as Agency Planners) may not be well aligned to the broad knowledge tested by this exam.

The knowledge tested in this exam aligns with the following roles:

  • Trafficker
  • Analyst

You will have 75 minutes to complete 50 multiple choice questions.