Demonstrate your ability to strategize, develop, manage and optimize Google Ads Search campaigns. By earning the Google Ads Search Professional Certification, Google recognizes your ability to:

  • Use best practices to create a Google Search campaign.
  • Create a strategy to reach your customers based off of your marketing objectives.
  • Use Search ad formats to drive results for your business.
  • Create a smart bidding strategy aligned to your marketing objectives.
  • Describe optimization strategies to increase sales or leads Search campaigns.
  • Develop a value-based strategy using bidding and budgets to meet marketing objectives.
  • Explain advanced creative customization with Google Search ads.
  • Use bidding optimization best practices to fulfill marketing objectives with Google Ads.
  • Implement Performance Planner best practices to help fulfill marketing objectives.

Note: Some courses contain links to sites that may not be available in your preferred language or that require you to select your language.